Sunday, August 29

Seattle (Part 2)

Day two of our Seattle trip started with us getting in touch with our inner geeks at the Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum.

I'm not going to post all my pictures from the museum because it would show you how complete of a geek I am. Let's just say that there was lots of science fiction movie and music memorabilia that I really enjoyed seeing. I'll only torture you with one picture from the museum because it's just so cool. I loved this sculpture of guitars and other instruments!

After the museum we went back to the hotel and met up with Christine. The plan was to spend the afternoon in the Seattle Aquarium but first we stopped by Pike's Market for lunch (and to put money in and rub Rachel the pig's snout for luck).

After wandering around the market for a while we made our way to the aquarium. WOW! I LOVED the aquarium- it was unbelievable!!
We ended the day at the Cheesecake Factory with some red velvet cheesecake :)

All of my pictures our Seattle adventures can be seen here.


Melissa said...

How fun! I now want a piece of cheesecake. :o

Lynners said...

Your pic of the blue tang fish is gorgeous! Well done.

Janelle said...

More incredible photos, Amy! Love the shot of the guitar sculpture. It's my favorite thing at the museum!