Tuesday, September 28

Vegas, Baby!

Laura, Genell and I went on a little road trip to Vegas for the Blue October concert. (Yes, another Blue October concert)

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was really nice and extremely convenient since that was where the concert was.

Because of the concert was general admission we got in line early. The line was fabulous (as far as lines go). I met some people that I've been interacting with on-line for quite a while. It was nice to put faces with the names.

We had a great spot at the concert to start with.
Reese and Casie from 1-800-Suicide came out to talk about the organizations associated with the Pick Up the Phone Tour and Suicide Awareness. They do such amazing work, I'm in awe!

The Parlotones were the opening act and I was really impressed. I liked them a lot.

Sadly due to some crowd drama we ended watching Blue October perform from the very back of the venue. Even from the back of the venue the guys didn't disappoint.

Las Vegas is such a great spot for people watching. We were highly amused through most of our trip. One of the best people watching moments was in the restaurant after the concert. This couple was pretty much completely passed out in their booth. They did manage to get up and stumble away but not before we laughed at them :)

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Melibojangles said...

Lucky!!! I wish I would have gone to this one! :)