Sunday, October 3

Blue October comes to Salt Lake City

Finally! A Blue October concert that didn't require a plane ride or an extended road trip! (Not that I minded the trips- it was just nice to be able to drive home and sleep in my own bed after the concert)

We lined up early so that we could get a good spot at the concert. We had record breaking heat so the line was hot but we still had fun.

I was lucky enough to win 4 passes to the soundcheck and a meet and greet. It was great! We got to see them soundcheck Say It, Should Be Loved and Jump Rope. 
(I didn't take this picture because no pictures were allowed but my friend was also in there and didn't hear the no picture rule so I swiped it from him)

After the guys were done with soundcheck they autographed posters and posed for pictures with everyone.
C.B., Christy, Matt, Kimmy, Justin, Genell, Jeremy, me and Ryan

After the M&G we went back out into the line and waited to be let back in for the concert. By that time our entire group had arrived.
Miranda, Jori, Me, Shelley, Misty, Christy, Brooke, Mandy, Carl the security guy, Kimmy & Genell

All of our hours in line paid off when we got into the venue and got a spot on the rail. The opening band was The Parlotones, they were fabulous! Check them out- you won't be sorry!

The Blue October concert was phenomenal!!! Our spot was amazing, the set list was great and the guys really seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was a fabulous night!!!

You can see the rest of my pictures and the setlist here.