Friday, October 15

Friday Five

My last few attempts at Friday meme's haven't worked out very well. Hopefully I'll be better at this one. My friends at Eve's Fan Garden post their Friday Five and I've decided to post my answers to their weekly question here.
Who are your top 5 Leading Ladies in books, movies, TV, or music who you would love to someday meet…

1. Anne Shirley- Growing up I wanted to be Anne. I wanted her spunk, her passion and her love for life. The Anne series really cemented my love of reading so I will always have a special place for Anne in my heart. 

2. Audrey Hepburn- Gorgeous, classy and a humanitarian. I’d love to just chat with her but I’m afraid I would just sit there and act like a silly fangirl.

3. Jane Austen- I just want to have tea with her.

4. JK Rowling- no explanation needed, right?

5. Melanie & Wanderer from The Host- These two count as one even though they are separate now, right? I would love to spend a day in the caves with these two.

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