Friday, November 5

Friday Five

Today's Friday Five topic is courtesy of Page Turner's Blog:
Places you want to travel
This list is hard for me to keep to just five because I love to travel. If I listed all the places I want to go to this blog post would never end.

1. Prince Edward Island

I've mentioned several times that I love the Anne of Green Gables series. That series is set on a little island in Eastern Canada called Prince Edward Island. I've been dreaming of going there ever since I read the first book. Mom and I are talking about going next year- hopefully it will all work out and we will actually get there.

2. Greece
Every time I watch a movie that is set in Greece I promise myself that I will get there one day. I want to stand in the Acropolis and just soak in the thousands of years worth of history. I want to go to the little villages set on the hillside and look out on the blue sea.

3. Alaska
I know Alaska doesn't seem to be my type of vacation spot because I'm not real outdoorsy but I want to go and see the glaciers and the wildlife and the northern lights. I think most of those things can be accomplished without having to camp ;)

4. Holland

I still haven't figured out how I lived within a couple of hours of Holland and never went there. I know we planned to go a couple of times but something always came up :( I want to go to the Keukenhof, see the windmills and eat warm stroopwaffles from a street vendor.

5. Scotland & Ireland
I realize that these are two very separate countries but if I'm making a trip of that distance I would probably combine the two into one long trip so they get to count as only one destination. (Yes, I know I'm cheating but it's my blog so I can if I want to.) The green hills, the foggy moors, the shaggy cows and sheep- I want to see it all!


Melissa said...

We are travel sisters in spirit. :D

Janelle said...

Love all of them! Beautiful photos!!

Lynners said...

If you leaving on a trip to one of these amazing places, and your baggage seems unreasonably heavy and bulky, don't be surprised. And don't ask me why that would be either. ;)