Tuesday, December 27

Christmas 2011

I was terrible at taking pictures this year! It was just Mom, Dad and me for most of the weekend so I didn't even get my camera out of my purse. All of these pictures are from my phone so the quality isn't that great. The pictures are also very random. What can I say? It was a really lazy weekend and that shows in my photography.

On Friday night Clark, Flora, Damian, Andrea, Byron and Ashley came over for Raclette. Dad got out his nasty salty black licorice and Byron and Damian tried it. They were both such good sports. That stuff is gross!! They both looked like they were in pain while they were trying to not spit it out.
 Dad just laughed at them.

On Christmas Eve we had one of my Mom's friends over for dinner and then we watched Miracle on 34th Street. I didn't take any pictures of the actual people at dinner, just the rolls and the whole table.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Santa came!!!

One of Dad's neighbors brought him some coal, which was perfectly appropriate ;)

Mom made meat pie- it was so yummy!!

Dad made Socks a bed- His Highness approves :)

2011 Voice Male Concert

Last Wednesday my friends and I went to the Voice Male concert at Abravanel Hall. The concert was phenomenal as always. They are a great mixture of fun and spiritual. The concert really helped me with my fairly non-existent Christmas spirit.

Here is a picture of our group- Trent was the only guy daring enough to go with all of us. (I actually think he was the only guy invited. The rest of the hubbies got left at home on purpose.) 

Shelley, Christy, Me, Kim, Miranda, Rachel and Trent (who belongs to Shelley)

Tuesday, December 20

Tuesday, December 13

If the tiara fits...

I had a fabulous birthday this year. I managed to draw the celebration out over several days. On my actual birthday my parents drove up from Pangutich just to take me to dinner. We went to the Bombay House in Salt Lake- it was so yummy!!! Then on Saturday I met Christy, Kimmy and Miranda for lunch at Crown Burger, where they forced me to wear a tiara. (Love you girls!!) Then we went to see Breaking Dawn (which surprisingly I didn't hate). On Monday the celebration continued with lunch with Kathy, Bonnie, Amanda, Amanda and Lyn at Sonora Grill. The company and food was wonderful! On Tuesday the festivities wrapped up with an office lunch at Sitara India, which not everyone enjoyed but they endured it for my sake. It was a fantastic few days that left me feeling very loved and blessed. Thank you all for being part of my life!!

Saturday, December 10

Thanksgiving 2011

For Thanksgiving Tracy, Tyler, Piper and I headed to Panguitch on Wednesday morning. Kyle and his little sister, Millie came from Louisiana for the holiday. And Leif, Laura, Justin, Tegan and Shori came from Denver. It was a crazy fun-filled weekend.

I'm going to be lazy and just post a whole bunch of pictures from the weekend without captions because if I try and caption them all this will never get published ;)

Friday, December 9

Happy Birthday, Preston!

A couple of weeks ago we got together for Preston's birthday party.

Amanda made this incredible duck pond cake. She's amazing!

 I didn't take many pictures that night, I'm not sure why. Here are the few that I took-