Friday, January 28

Friday Five

This week's topic at Eve's Fan Garden is:
Pet Peeves
We all have ‘em. (Some more than others…)
This week we want to know what are five of your pet peeves related to books or reading.
I'm going to cheat and only list one pet peeve that relates to books, the rest are just general pet peeves.

1. Book abuse- I hate it when people don't treat my books with as much respect as I do. I don't mind loaning people books but I really expect them to treat them as well as I do.

2. Drivers not using their turn signals- they come standard on every make and model of vehicle- use them!!

3. Lack of Netiquette (Network Etiquette)- my two biggest issues are inappropriately replying to all on an email chain and typing in all caps.

4. Distracted phone calls- talking to other people while on the phone with me. You called me, please focus on our conversation.

5. Leaving the toilet lid up- this isn't just the toilet seat, it's the lid too. I hate walking into a bathroom and seeing the inside of the toilet bowl. Everyone, men and women, need to put the lid down!

Saturday, January 22

Josh's Baptism

Last Saturday Josh was baptized. I took a bunch of pictures at the after baptism lunch.

These are my two favorite pictures of the day. Josh headbutted David just before I took this picture. I love it!
Colton looked up at me just as I snapped this one. Doesn't he look thrilled to be there? Being a teenager is rough! 

New Year's Eve Silliness

I'm such a slacker getting these pictures posted. On New Year's we gathered at Amanda and Andy's for our annual game night. 

Bonnie and Amanda had a collection of earrings that were a mandatory requirement for playing games. Aren't they fabulous?!?!

It was a fabulous evening full of laughter, silliness and food!!

The King's Speech

I saw The King's Speech last night. It was brilliant!!! I love it when a movie actually lives up to all the hype!

Friday, January 14

Friday Five

This week's Friday Five question from Eve's Fan Garden:
This week we are taking a look at our top five favorite Kid’s books. What are YOUR top 5 all time favorite children’s books?
My love of reading started with my mother reading to me. I'm sure she read lots of books but the ones I remember are the Dr. Seuss books- Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hears a Who, The Sneetches, and so many more. I can't really pick a favorite Dr. Seuss book so I'm just lumping them all into one selection.

James and the Giant Peach- I LOVED this book as a kid. It's the first book I remember reading more than once.

Where the Sidewalk Ends- How can you go wrong with the brilliance of Shel Silverstein? Grew up hearing, reading and loving these brilliant poems!
A Wrinkle in Time- Such a feast for the imagination!!

Anne of Green Gables- These books have been so influential to my entire life and it started when I was a child. I can't say enough good about these books!

Thursday, January 13


Last night the fabulous Christy and I went to see Tangled. I've wanted to see it since it was released at Thanksgiving but haven't had a chance to get around to it until last night. It was so good!! I loved, loved, LOVED it!! It's classic Disney magic!! I will definitely be adding this to my DVD collection.

Monday, January 10

365 Project

I'm going to try and do the 365 Project this year. It is a photography project where you document a year of your life by taking a daily photo. I know that I will miss days but I'm hoping to keep as up to date as possible. I'm posting my pictures here if you're interested in following along :)

Sunday, January 9

Too funny!

I was wandering in the YA section of Barnes & Noble yesterday and noticed a few non-Twilight books placed in the Twilight Saga section. Once I realized they were there on purpose and paid attention to the titles I laughed out loud in the middle of the store.

Friday, January 7

Friday Five

Friday Five's topic from Eve's Fan Garden-
We want to know what 5 books are you most looking forward to in 2011?
Only five?!?! I'm looking forward to so many books this year that this is just a fraction of the list. Here are the first five that popped into my head (listed in order of publication date):

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa (February 1)
Book 3 in the Iron Fey Series- looking forward to more adventures with Meghan, Puck, Grim and Ash (Ash......*swoon*)

Outside In by Maria V. Snyder (March 1)
This is the sequel to Inside Out, which I really enjoyed. I'm excited to see where Maria takes us in this one.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (April 5)
Book 4 in the Mortal Instruments Series. This book is going to focus more on Simon, that will be a fun change of focus for these books. (Just as long as we still get lots of Jace)

Passion by Lauren Kate (June 14)
The 3rd book in the Fallen series. This one explores Daniel and Luce's previous lives, it's going to be fun getting to know them in different settings.

The Death Cure by James Dashner- There is no cover art for this one yet and no official release date but I'm assuming since the other two came out in October this one will be out in October of this year. This is the 3rd book in the trilogy. I'm sure that it's going to be just as twisted and brilliant as the first two. Luckily James promised that he would answer all the questions and not leave us hanging.

Thursday, January 6

Christmas 2010

I spent Christmas in Panguitch with Mom, Dad, Leif, Laura, Kyle, Justin, Tegan and Shori. It was a fabulous few days. We made ice cream, read books, roasted chestnuts over an open fire and had a visit from Santa. Pictures of our adventures can be seen here.