Friday, January 28

Friday Five

This week's topic at Eve's Fan Garden is:
Pet Peeves
We all have ‘em. (Some more than others…)
This week we want to know what are five of your pet peeves related to books or reading.
I'm going to cheat and only list one pet peeve that relates to books, the rest are just general pet peeves.

1. Book abuse- I hate it when people don't treat my books with as much respect as I do. I don't mind loaning people books but I really expect them to treat them as well as I do.

2. Drivers not using their turn signals- they come standard on every make and model of vehicle- use them!!

3. Lack of Netiquette (Network Etiquette)- my two biggest issues are inappropriately replying to all on an email chain and typing in all caps.

4. Distracted phone calls- talking to other people while on the phone with me. You called me, please focus on our conversation.

5. Leaving the toilet lid up- this isn't just the toilet seat, it's the lid too. I hate walking into a bathroom and seeing the inside of the toilet bowl. Everyone, men and women, need to put the lid down!


~tracy~ said...

Regarding #5-

You should never ever pee at my house. Im just throwing that out there as an early warning system. :)

Amy said...

Thanks for the tip ;)

Janelle said...

Always good to be warned before visiting one's house!
Thanks for the 'netiquette' tip!! ;