Friday, January 14

Friday Five

This week's Friday Five question from Eve's Fan Garden:
This week we are taking a look at our top five favorite Kid’s books. What are YOUR top 5 all time favorite children’s books?
My love of reading started with my mother reading to me. I'm sure she read lots of books but the ones I remember are the Dr. Seuss books- Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hears a Who, The Sneetches, and so many more. I can't really pick a favorite Dr. Seuss book so I'm just lumping them all into one selection.

James and the Giant Peach- I LOVED this book as a kid. It's the first book I remember reading more than once.

Where the Sidewalk Ends- How can you go wrong with the brilliance of Shel Silverstein? Grew up hearing, reading and loving these brilliant poems!
A Wrinkle in Time- Such a feast for the imagination!!

Anne of Green Gables- These books have been so influential to my entire life and it started when I was a child. I can't say enough good about these books!

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Lynners said...

We just finished reading James and the Giant Peach with Will. He says his favorite part was when the grasshopper plays his violin and they all dance. He's so thrilled to find this book on your list and feel connected to you.