Saturday, January 22

Josh's Baptism

Last Saturday Josh was baptized. I took a bunch of pictures at the after baptism lunch.

These are my two favorite pictures of the day. Josh headbutted David just before I took this picture. I love it!
Colton looked up at me just as I snapped this one. Doesn't he look thrilled to be there? Being a teenager is rough! 


Bonnie the Boss said...

Thanks Amy for taking the pics. Bieng a teenager is rough. I LOVE one of Piper and Ellie!!
And the one of Dan standing in the snow.

Ben said...

I wish We could of made it there. It was just a rough week and day so we wimped out. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Lynners said...

I love your pictures. You are so great at catching fun and/or interesting moments. Sometimes viewing your pics is almost as good as the actual experience!

Love you!

~tracy~ said...

My daughter has the cutest face in the world. :)