Thursday, March 24

Orla Fallon Concert

My Mom loves Celtic Woman. She would love to see them in concert but she's jinxed when it comes to accomplishing that task. The first time they came to Salt Lake the tickets sold out before she was able to buy tickets. Then they bought tickets for the concert in Denver, thinking they could combine a trip to see Leif and his family with the concert. Sadly that was the weekend that Papa Scott passed away so she was unable to go. At Christmas Mom told me that just one of the women from Celtic Woman, Orla Fallon, was coming to Salt Lake in March and that they had purchased tickets. I joked about the fact that by buying the tickets she had pretty much guaranteed that she would be out of Utah that night. Sure enough when it was time for the concert she was half way around the world working in Korea.

Since she was gone I went tot the concert with Dad. The concert venue is right next to P.F. Changs so we had to go there for dinner.

After a yummy dinner we walked next door for the concert.
This fan was on the wall of the theater- it takes up almost 2 stories.

The opening act was a group called Tin Cup Gypsy. They are a country band and they were really good. Each member of the group played multiple instruments. I was really impressed with their talent even though I'm not a huge country fan. They also played backup for Orla when she came out.

I wasn't at all familiar with her music before I went to the show so I wasn't sure what to expect. I really enjoyed it. She's very, very talented and so were her musicians. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I just hope that next time one or more of the Celtic Woman are in town that Mom can actually go.

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