Monday, March 28

The Parlotones in Salt Lake

I fell in love with The Parlotones when they opened for Blue October last fall. When they announced they were coming back to Utah as part of their first North American tour I was ecstatic and bought tickets immediately. The concert was on March 22nd in a tiny venue in Salt Lake. Christy, Genell, Miranda and I had dinner at Mazza and then headed to the venue. In the line we met up with Melissa and Shera, who we met at the Blue October concert last Fall.

Once we were inside we had a fabulous spot right in front of the stage.

The opening band was Imangine Dragons and they were really good. They made a new fan out of me!

Then The Parlotones played. They were phenomenal!!! These guys are going to be huge here in the States soon, I just know it.

After they concert they came out and signed autographs and took pictures. They were so nice and seemed to truly be grateful that we were there. It was a fabulous night!! Can't wait until they come back!

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John and Heidi said...

It has been awhile since I blog surfed....You are right I think they will be big here sooner than later. I like what I hear.