Sunday, April 24

A quick trip to Denver

Leif is in the Colorado Mormon Chorale. Last weekend was their first Easter concert so Mom, Dad and I decided to go over to Denver for it. I flew in Friday night and flew home Sunday. In that time we went  to dinner, visited with and took my parents friend Beth to lunch, went to the concert, had dinner with my friend Michelle at Cheesecake Factory, went to church and had a family dinner. Here's photographic evidence of all those events.

It was a crazy but fun two days.

Saturday, April 23


My latest musical obsession, which is crazy because I don't usually love women's voices but she is amazing!

LOVE her!!!

Monday, April 4

Sunday Dinner

We went to Grant and Elaine's for dinner yesterday. I rode down with Ben, Lyn and their boys. When I got in the car this is what Will was wearing, it amused me greatly.

Before long both boys were asleep.

Once we got there we played, hung out and ate. It was a great afternoon.

I don't even know what the actual purpose of this blue spiky thing is but it became a hat yesterday.

 Silly kids!!

For some reason, which I never found out, Uncle Ben decided to dump Mark in the snow. This series of pictures made me laugh-

The view from Grant and Elaines house is gorgeous!  

Friday, April 1

Birthday Girls!

We got together for Amanda and Lyn's birthday tonight.

We had a rare day of sunshine so we had a BBQ, which included my favorite marinated chicken- YUM!

Poor Dan wasn't feeling well so he was really clinging to Bonnie. I felt sad for him but it made for a cute picture.
The kids took advantage of the sunshine by having dinner on the trampoline.

 Rachel doesn't like Colton very much ;)
My handsome dinner companions- I'm a lucky girl :)

 Amanda made yummy cake- the chocolate filling was so good!
 This picture just made me laugh- this is Howie being his normal silly self.