Thursday, July 28

The Boy With The Bread

Yesterday posted the their weekly cover with the first picture of the men from The Hunger Games movie.  The picture made me nervous. I don't think that Josh looks like Peeta. He looks too hard, too tough to be Peeta. I know Peeta is supposed to be tough because of all the lifting that he's done while growing up in the bakery but my version of Peeta isn't hard and callous and that's what the cover picture looks like. I'm not sure that even makes sense but I just wasn't feeling it. Every time I saw the picture pop up in one of my friends Facebook or Twitter feeds I got a little sad. But today posted some of the pictures from inside the magazine and this is one of them-

*big sigh of relief* There's the boy with the bread that I was looking for!! I'm still a little nervous just because I've never seen Josh act but I'm planning to rent a couple of his movies. Hopefully after that I can stop worrying about my beloved Peeta being portrayed on screen.

(Don't forget- I'm posting most of my fangirly stuff here.) 

Tuesday, July 26

Father's Day and a Couple of Birthdays

Still playing catch-up :)

On Father's Day we got together at Bonnie and Ken's to celebrate Father's Day and Ken and Andy's birthdays. We had tons of food, thanks to Ken going crazy with the seafood and enjoyed the sunshine.

Will and Dan pulling on Stretch Scooby

Mark's Father's Day gift from Bonnie was a HUGE cup so he'll always have enough to drink.

There's something very serious being discussed here.

Happy Birthday Ken!! 
Happy Birthday Andy!!

Monday, July 25

Happy Birthday Erin!!

Ms. Erin turned 10 at earlier this month. (How did that happen?!?! She can't be 10!!) We had family over for cake and ice cream-

 Lily, Erin, Katie (with her broken leg) and Ashlyn

Love this picture of Erin and Zeke- so cute!!

A couple of random cute shots-

Saturday, July 23

New York!

I just realized how much of a slacker I really am. Our NYC trip was over two months ago and I still haven't blogged about it!

Genell, Christy, Kim and I had been talking about a girls weekend to NYC forever. We had just never gotten around to actually picking a weekend and going. When Blue October announced their acoustic tour we joked that we should go when they would be in New York since they weren't coming out west. The joking turned into reality and we decided to actually go. I had never been to New York so I was really excited to go.

We left Salt Lake very late Wednesday night. I foolishly thought that I would be able to sleep on the plane. I usually don't have a problem sleeping on planes so I didn't think it would be a problem this time. I wasn't prepared for the non-stop screaming child that sat two rows in front of us tough. I've never been happier to see a child get off of a plane!

Thursday was pretty low key because we were so tired. We went to Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty. I'm a patriotic sap so visiting the Statue of Liberty was really cool for me. It was kind of overwhelming to be standing at her feet. When we were finally able to check into the hotel we spent some time resting and then got ready for dinner and the Blue October concert. One of my friends that I met through my Blue October site invited me to go to the meet and greet before the show, which was fabulous! The concert was amazing as well. By the time we got back to our hotel room we were so exhausted we were giddy. It was a fabulous day!

Friday we went to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Discovery Museum, wandered in Times Square, spent a bunch of time and money in Sephora, had dinner with my fabulous friend Kara and saw Wicked. We had the most amazing seats for Wicked. Kara's hubby Craig works for Wicked so he was able to get us great seats- they were on the front row of the mezzanine. My first Broadway show was one of my favorite plays ever and we had wonderful seats- it was perfect!!

Sadly on Saturday Genell had a migraine and had to stay at the hotel. Christy, Kim and I spent the day on the double decker bus tour. It was a great way to see New York! We also went back to the Gershwin theater so that we could have a back stage tour from from Craig. That was unbelievable!!! We wrapped up the evening with dinner at Yum Yum.

Sunday we went to Ground Zero, which was a very humbling and moving experience. After that we went to The Met and spent a few hours. We got to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit- that was phenomenal! What an amazing artist he was!!

Sadly it was time to head to the airport and back to reality. What a fast, fabulous, fun-filled weekend!!! I can't wait to go back!!!

Here are just a few of the pictures I took of our adventures-

Friday, July 22

My new cyber home!!

The boxes are unpacked, the pictures are hung up... I think I'm going to like my new home. I'm going to try to be better about keeping this blog up to date. Thanks for coming to visit!

Tuesday, July 19

A New Project

In an effort to make this more of a blog about me and not my fangirly obsessions I've started a blog to post all that stuff on. I may still post some of that stuff here but I kind of want to keep some of it separate for multiple reasons. If you want to keep up with my fangirly-ness the new site is

ps- I'm also working on a name change and new look for this blog. Details soon :)

Tuesday, July 12

The Boy Who Lived

I've been trying to figure out all day how to express my feelings about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two but it's turning out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. There is so much more than just a single movie involved in DH2. It seems to be the end of an era. When the last book was published it was bearable because we still had the movies to look forward to. Now the last movie is out and my inner fangirl is feeling a bit lost.

I've cried through previews and interviews for months now so I knew that the first time I saw the movie it was going to be rough. I was extremely lucky to win tickets to a pre-screening last night and it was even more brutal than I thought it was going to be. Even though it was brutal, I LOVED this movie. I went in with really high expectations and they were blown out of the water. The movie is non-stop, can't-catch-your-breath action. Mix the action of the battle with the emotional roller coaster that takes place and I was a mess!!

I won't go into specifics because I don't want to post spoilers but every moment that I loved from the book is in this movie. Every moment that made me cheer out loud while reading made me (and the entire audience) cheer when it happened in the movie. Every moment that ripped my heart out in the book is there. Seeing these actors, who so beautifully play these beloved characters, act out these heart wrenching moments induced serious ugly crying. At one point in the movie I was crying so hard that my friend Rae said to me "Amy, you've got to breathe!" I've been emotional all day as my mind wanders back over the movie. I wish that there was some way I could personally thank J.K. Rowling, each actor, the director, the producers and anyone else involved in this movie for doing all they could to make it perfect. It's obvious that everyone involved has great love and respect for this series and its fans because of the product that they have created.

I've been pondering these books and movies quite a bit the last little while as I've been preparing for the final movie. There are so many themes and messages in each individual book but for me the overwhelming message of the whole series is love. Love for self, family, friends and beliefs. This isn't a love that stops bad things from happening, Jo isn't afraid to let bad things happen to her characters, but in the end love conquers all evil. Two quotes that I feel really express my feelings about the whole series are:
"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love." ~Albus Dumbeldore
"You're the weak one. And you'll never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you." ~Harry Potter
At the London premiere, J.K. Rowling said exactly what every Harry Potter fan needed to hear- "The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." This video montage is perfect way to wrap up my thoughts on this amazing movie and book and movie series as a whole.

ps- I saw the movie in 3D, which I wouldn't recommend because it hurt my head, but I did get to keep the really cool glasses so it did have its perks.

Thursday, July 7

"I don't believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book." ~J.K. Rowling

Tuesday, July 5

4th of July

We had a fabulous 4th of July this year. I didn't go to the parade because I wanted to sleep in but I was around for the afternoon festivities. The kids played in the pool, we had Aussie burgers and then we headed over to Riverdale Park for an amazing fireworks display. Here are a few of my pictures. You can see more here.

Happy Birthday America!!

Sunday, July 3

Panguitch and Quilts

When Panguitch was first settled the settlers were very unprepared for the brutal winters of the area. Because of that they were in danger of starving to death. A small group of men were selected to travel to Parowan for food and supplies. The problem was that the horses and wagons sunk in the deep snow. Even the men sunk with every step. In desperation they laid a quilt out on the snow and knelt in prayer. As they were pleading for help to save their starving families they realized that they were able to stay on top of the snow while they were on the quilt. They then walked the 40+ miles to Parowan and back by laying down quilts and walking on them. They were able to get the food and supplies and save their families.

Panguitch celebrates the quilt walk every summer during the Quilt Walk Festival. Last year they built a park to honor these men.

They sold bricks as a fundraiser for the park. As a Christmas gift last year Mom and Dad bought us each a brick.
 Shori, Kyle, Justin and Tegan standing by their brick on Christmas Day

 I love that Pangutich is honoring these amazing men and that we have a small part of it.

Saturday, July 2

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Way back in April (yes, I know how far behind I am) my friend Genell and I went to Austin for a couple of Blue October concerts.
Genell works for JetBlue so we flew with them- their flights in and out of Salt Lake are limited so we had to fly to Long Beach, California and then connect to Austin. We had a 5 hour layover in Long Beach so we went exploring for a while.

 Once we got to Texas we had dinner with my friends Stephanie, Katie and Jenn.

 Stephanie, Me, Jenn, Katie and Genell
The next day was the Blue October concert at ACL. As with all Blue concerts we lined up early. It was great to see people I've met at other shows and meet new friends. The Blue line was a blast that day!

We had a great spot on the rail for the concert and it was honestly the best Blue October concert I've been to.
Raylynn, Me and Genell

Saturday was the concert in Helotes, which is by San Antonio. We stopped by the Riverwalk for lunch. It was so gorgeous!! (Hot and humid but gorgeous)

I didn't get any pictures of the concert but here's a shot of Linda and I melting while we were waiting for it to start.

Sunday we headed home, completely exhausted. It was totally worth it though- we had a fantastic time!!! If you're a Blue October fan there is nothing like seeing them in Texas!

You can see more pictures from my trip here.