Saturday, July 2

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Way back in April (yes, I know how far behind I am) my friend Genell and I went to Austin for a couple of Blue October concerts.
Genell works for JetBlue so we flew with them- their flights in and out of Salt Lake are limited so we had to fly to Long Beach, California and then connect to Austin. We had a 5 hour layover in Long Beach so we went exploring for a while.

 Once we got to Texas we had dinner with my friends Stephanie, Katie and Jenn.

 Stephanie, Me, Jenn, Katie and Genell
The next day was the Blue October concert at ACL. As with all Blue concerts we lined up early. It was great to see people I've met at other shows and meet new friends. The Blue line was a blast that day!

We had a great spot on the rail for the concert and it was honestly the best Blue October concert I've been to.
Raylynn, Me and Genell

Saturday was the concert in Helotes, which is by San Antonio. We stopped by the Riverwalk for lunch. It was so gorgeous!! (Hot and humid but gorgeous)

I didn't get any pictures of the concert but here's a shot of Linda and I melting while we were waiting for it to start.

Sunday we headed home, completely exhausted. It was totally worth it though- we had a fantastic time!!! If you're a Blue October fan there is nothing like seeing them in Texas!

You can see more pictures from my trip here.


Andie~ said...

Great pictures. I love the river walk and I'm sure the concert was a blast.

Janelle said...

What a fun trip!! (In spite of the heat)