Saturday, July 23

New York!

I just realized how much of a slacker I really am. Our NYC trip was over two months ago and I still haven't blogged about it!

Genell, Christy, Kim and I had been talking about a girls weekend to NYC forever. We had just never gotten around to actually picking a weekend and going. When Blue October announced their acoustic tour we joked that we should go when they would be in New York since they weren't coming out west. The joking turned into reality and we decided to actually go. I had never been to New York so I was really excited to go.

We left Salt Lake very late Wednesday night. I foolishly thought that I would be able to sleep on the plane. I usually don't have a problem sleeping on planes so I didn't think it would be a problem this time. I wasn't prepared for the non-stop screaming child that sat two rows in front of us tough. I've never been happier to see a child get off of a plane!

Thursday was pretty low key because we were so tired. We went to Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty. I'm a patriotic sap so visiting the Statue of Liberty was really cool for me. It was kind of overwhelming to be standing at her feet. When we were finally able to check into the hotel we spent some time resting and then got ready for dinner and the Blue October concert. One of my friends that I met through my Blue October site invited me to go to the meet and greet before the show, which was fabulous! The concert was amazing as well. By the time we got back to our hotel room we were so exhausted we were giddy. It was a fabulous day!

Friday we went to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Discovery Museum, wandered in Times Square, spent a bunch of time and money in Sephora, had dinner with my fabulous friend Kara and saw Wicked. We had the most amazing seats for Wicked. Kara's hubby Craig works for Wicked so he was able to get us great seats- they were on the front row of the mezzanine. My first Broadway show was one of my favorite plays ever and we had wonderful seats- it was perfect!!

Sadly on Saturday Genell had a migraine and had to stay at the hotel. Christy, Kim and I spent the day on the double decker bus tour. It was a great way to see New York! We also went back to the Gershwin theater so that we could have a back stage tour from from Craig. That was unbelievable!!! We wrapped up the evening with dinner at Yum Yum.

Sunday we went to Ground Zero, which was a very humbling and moving experience. After that we went to The Met and spent a few hours. We got to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit- that was phenomenal! What an amazing artist he was!!

Sadly it was time to head to the airport and back to reality. What a fast, fabulous, fun-filled weekend!!! I can't wait to go back!!!

Here are just a few of the pictures I took of our adventures-

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