Sunday, July 3

Panguitch and Quilts

When Panguitch was first settled the settlers were very unprepared for the brutal winters of the area. Because of that they were in danger of starving to death. A small group of men were selected to travel to Parowan for food and supplies. The problem was that the horses and wagons sunk in the deep snow. Even the men sunk with every step. In desperation they laid a quilt out on the snow and knelt in prayer. As they were pleading for help to save their starving families they realized that they were able to stay on top of the snow while they were on the quilt. They then walked the 40+ miles to Parowan and back by laying down quilts and walking on them. They were able to get the food and supplies and save their families.

Panguitch celebrates the quilt walk every summer during the Quilt Walk Festival. Last year they built a park to honor these men.

They sold bricks as a fundraiser for the park. As a Christmas gift last year Mom and Dad bought us each a brick.
 Shori, Kyle, Justin and Tegan standing by their brick on Christmas Day

 I love that Pangutich is honoring these amazing men and that we have a small part of it.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you shared this story. I had heard of Panguitch because my in-laws frequently traveled to the lake to go fishing. I didn't know about this story and will share it with my family. That statue is awesome.

Inspired Kathy said...


Janelle said...

That's a neat story, and the personalized brick is awesome!