Sunday, August 28

The Hunger Games Teaser

MTV debuted a very short teaser of The Hunger Games movie tonight. Even though it wasn't very long I loved it! The arena, the voiceover, the archery, the four note whistle (possibly Rue's whistle?) at the very end- I loved it all!!

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 It certainly did its job- it teased us and made us want more. Is it March yet?!?!?

Saturday, August 20

Happy Birthday Emily!!

Today is my friend Emily's birthday so Amanda, Bonnie, Emily and I went out to celebrate. We saw The Help. It was phenomenal! I'm really looking forward to reading the book now.

After the movie we went to lunch at the Sonora Grill. It was SO good!! They have excellent Mexican food. I had the sweet pork burrito- yummmm!!!

Amanda made Emily chocolate surprise cupcakes for dessert- mmmmmmmmmmm...

Happy birthday Em!!! Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!!!

Wednesday, August 17

Wordless Wednesday

Skiby Family Reunion

Last weekend we had our 2nd Annual Skiby Family Reunion. The Skiby's are my Grandmother's family members and up until last year we had never gotten together. It has been fun to get to know that side of the family.

Leif came over from Denver for the reunion. He surprised us by bringing Shori with him so I spent a lot of the time playing with her. That's why she's the subject of the majority of these pictures :)

Our picnic spot

Leif requested that I make cucumbers and sour cream. He took the bowl out of my hand and started eating them before he even really said hi to me. I see where his priorities are ;)

Connie brought fresh raspberries from her garden. They were divine!!!
Shori playing under the picnic table
Shori and her "pink" donut. (It was actually blueberry but I wasn't going to argue with her.)
Gordon, Courtney and Dad (Courtney didn't know what to think about all these strangers talking to her. She kind of warmed up by the end of the afternoon.)
Shori was pouting over something. I never did figure out what she was pouting about. I was able to distract her with the park.
Shori loved the slide!

Connie brought a photo album of old pictures. It was fun to see Dad as a little kid.
She has the sweetest face!!

Leif thought that if Shori was napping he should be too.
Shori had gotten herself dressed that morning. She didn't really care that her pants were on backwards. 

Saturday, August 13

Bring Him Home

I've always loved this song from Les Miserables. This arrangement and the dedication at the beginning made me cry and love the song even more.

Tuesday, August 9


Now this is some serious talent!!

The fact that they are soldiers makes me love this even more ♥

Sunday, August 7

Stalking Kiersten White- Supernaturally Edition

On Saturday I was able to go to Kiersten White's book signing at The King's English Bookshop. She is on tour for her new book, Supernaturally. It's the sequel to Paranormalcy. Both books are fabulous. If you haven't read them- do it now!

I've been stalking Kiersten for a while now so I knew it was going to be a great event. Kiersten talked about her books, her writing process, read from Supernaturally and then signed books. It was a wonderful, laughter filled afternoon!

Here she is reading a very humorous excerpt about a unicorn from Supernaturally-

One of the questions from the audience was about what her favorite letter is. I love her answer- I would never been able to come up with something so clever that quickly-

A couple of pictures from the signing portion of the day-
Me, Rae, Catie and Christy waiting in line
Kiersten signing
Me, Bonnie, Christy, Catie and Rae with Kiersten

The best part about being Kiersten's stalker? She's 100% ok with it ;)

Monday, August 1

Sweet Sixteen!

Ack! Colton is 16!!! The roads are no longer safe!!

Love that boy!