Wednesday, August 17

Skiby Family Reunion

Last weekend we had our 2nd Annual Skiby Family Reunion. The Skiby's are my Grandmother's family members and up until last year we had never gotten together. It has been fun to get to know that side of the family.

Leif came over from Denver for the reunion. He surprised us by bringing Shori with him so I spent a lot of the time playing with her. That's why she's the subject of the majority of these pictures :)

Our picnic spot

Leif requested that I make cucumbers and sour cream. He took the bowl out of my hand and started eating them before he even really said hi to me. I see where his priorities are ;)

Connie brought fresh raspberries from her garden. They were divine!!!
Shori playing under the picnic table
Shori and her "pink" donut. (It was actually blueberry but I wasn't going to argue with her.)
Gordon, Courtney and Dad (Courtney didn't know what to think about all these strangers talking to her. She kind of warmed up by the end of the afternoon.)
Shori was pouting over something. I never did figure out what she was pouting about. I was able to distract her with the park.
Shori loved the slide!

Connie brought a photo album of old pictures. It was fun to see Dad as a little kid.
She has the sweetest face!!

Leif thought that if Shori was napping he should be too.
Shori had gotten herself dressed that morning. She didn't really care that her pants were on backwards. 

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Ben said...

Boy, you don't like Shori too much do you? Sorry it's been too long. I like the new name. It's great