Saturday, September 24

One for the Money Trailer

I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. The movie adaptation of the first book in the series is coming out and the first trailer has just been released. Not all the characters look like I imagined them but I still think it looks great. I'm super excited to see this!

Thursday, September 22

Birthday Girls!

On Labor Day we had a birthday party for Ashlyn and Katie.

Amanda made this amazing cake for them-

Katie got a new bike from her dad. It's fabulous!!

Ashlyn got a doll, I love her expression in this picture!

Of course I took a bunch of pictures, here are a few of them-

Wednesday, September 7

"Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, "Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?"
~Kathryn Stockett (The Help)

Sunday, September 4


If I don't post much over the next few months this is my excuse-
The math one is my biggest challenge. Wish me luck!!