Tuesday, October 18

Pumpkin Nutella Goodness

The other day my friend Sophie tweeted a link to a recipe for Pumpkin Nutella Swirl Bread. Ever since then I've been thinking about how amazing that combo sounded, so tonight I stopped at the store and bought the ingredients to make it.
 Seriously, how can you go wrong with Nutella and pumpkin?!?!

My apartment smelled divine while these were baking!! They should make a candle that smells like this bread!! The only problem would be that every time I used the candle I would want to bake bread.

Oh my goodness!!! It is SO good!!!! You all must try it!!! The recipe is here. (Her pictures are much prettier than mine, I was being lazy and just used my phone)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I put chocolate chips in my banana and pumpkin breads. Does that surprise you? Hee, hee. This sounds really good.