Thursday, January 26

A Whole Lot of Random

It's been a few weeks since I updated, mainly because nothing all that exciting has happened. How not exciting is my life? I'll demonstrate via the most recent pictures on my phone.

School started again. I'm taking Math 1010, which is pure evil. I'm also taking a public speaking class, which I actually enjoy.

Socks loves to snuggle in the wintertime. I love that about him.

I read the final book in the Nightshade series. I loved it! You can read my review here. I've read a bunch of other books too. This just happens to be the one I have a picture of myself reading.

My friend Rae and I went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D a couple of weeks ago. We went to Mimi's beforehand. The service was terrible but the Brie and Artichoke dip was divine.

I hate Valentine's Day but these Star Wars valentines are made of awesome! Way to go Target!!

Another picture of snuggly Socks. There's a possibility I'm the crazy cat lady.

 We finally got some snow!! Yay!!

Getting my silver highlights covered up. I'm much too young to be this gray

After much resistance I caved and joined the black hole that Pinterest. I'm obsessed.

There you have it- my oh-so-exciting January.

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Lynners said...

Um...a possibility? Are you sure it's only a possibility? ;)

BTW, I really love when you post like this. Your everyday life is so fun to eavesdrop on.