Sunday, February 19

It's all about food and commercials

A couple of weeks ago we had our annual Superbowl party here at our house. We always have everyone over and split into two groups. One group actually cares about the game and the other group just watches the commercials and eats. I bet you can guess which group was in my apartment. 

For some reason I only took a couple pictures. I think it was because I was stuck on the couch with Socks. This is where he spent most of the game hiding from the chaos. 

Amanda made these adorable hamburger treats. They are vanilla wafers, peppermint patties and frosting.

Rachel, Maggie and Colton got comfy on the huge bean bag. This was in the other room and so I'm not sure if they are watching the game or a commercial.

Dan and Mark kept us entertained-
(I have not clue what's up with Mark's face but it's really amusing. He'll hate me for this picture one day.)

As for the commercials- I wasn't that impressed. I did like the M&Ms commercial and The Avenger's trailer-

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