Sunday, March 18

Girl's Night!

My friends Christy, Kim and Rae came to Ogden to play on Friday night. We started out the evening by going to dinner at Union Grill. (all of these pictures are from my phone so they aren't very good)

We had Brie- mmmmmmm!! 

I learned not to get in between Kim and what is left of the brie ;)

Rae ordered an ice cream sundae. Yes, she is 6.

I ordered the triple chocolate mousse cake- it was divine!!

After dinner we stopped at Target for a few essentials-

I don't have any pictures from the rest of the night (at least none that I'm posting). We went back to my apartment and watched movies and laughed until the wee hours of the morning. After a few hours of sleep we headed to IHOP for a very late breakfast (ok, it was lunch).

After lunch we all got pedicures and then stopped at Sally's to pick up our Hunger Games nail polish for Thursday night's midnight show.

Sadly after that the girls had to head home to their lives. We had a fabulous time!! I can't wait until we do it all over again!!

Brandon Mull Book Signing

Last week Brandon Mull was in town signing copies of his new book. Erin wanted to go so I met them at Deseret Book after work. The line wasn't too long but it was long enough that the kids needed to be entertained. I love that they were all perfectly happy to sit and read books while we were waiting. 
 Erin and Howie posed for me- seriously, how cute are they?!?!?
 Erin loved getting to meet Brandon. She acted just like a proper fangirl- she turned bright red and got a little teary. I was so proud!!

Wednesday, March 7

Dinner with friends

My friend Abel was in town from Texas to do some snowboarding last weekend so a group of us got together for dinner. It was great to see everyone. With the exception of Abel, we all live relatively close to each other but seem to only spend time together in Blue October concert lines.
JoDee, Abel, Shera, Alexis & me

Tuesday, March 6

February Birthdays

On the 19th we got together to celebrate our February birthdays- Devon, Maggie and Rachel.

Here are a few random shots from the evening-

Thursday, March 1