Sunday, April 1

The Hunger Games Midnight Show

A little, independent movie opened last week. It didn't get a lot of press or advertising so my friends and I decided to go to a midnight show so it wouldn't have a terrible opening night. Surprisingly it ended up having a pretty solid opening weekend ;)

We met before hand for late night pancakes at IHOP. While we were there Christy painted my nails with nail polish that was inspired by the districts in the movie. (I'm a spazz and can't paint my right hand.)

Here's the finished product-

Then joined the masses at the movie theater. It was chaos!! They had showings scheduled throughout the night. It made me so happy that a movie based on a book was getting so much attention and love! 
(Ali, Rae, Genell, Kim, Shelley & Christy)

The movie was FABULOUS!! My detailed review is posted here.  

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