Monday, May 28

Please, sir, I want s'more!

Bonnie and her family came over for dinner tonight. For dessert we had s'mores. Bonnie brought strawberries and bananas to add to them. Oh my goodness!! They were divine!! Regular s'mores will never be good enough again. 

Sunday, May 27

A Quick Trip to Louisiana

Last weekend Mom, Dad and I went to Louisiana for Kyle's graduation. Leif and Laura flew down for the weekend too. I'd never been to Louisiana so I was really looking forward to the trip. I was a little worried about the heat and humidity because I'm a complete wimp but it turned out that my worries were not warranted. It was hot and humid but not unbearably so. Naturally I took a ton of pictures. Here's a look at how our weekend went. 

We flew into the Lafayette, which is about half an hour from where Kyle lives

The first afternoon/evening we were there we hung out at Maurine's house and had dinner. Then we went to the motel and sat around the pool and visited while the kids played in the pool. I didn't take any pictures other than this one of Kyle goofing off at the pool. 

On Friday Dad went fishing with Maurine's husband at the crack of dawn. Everyone else had to-do lists so Mom and I had time to kill so we went for a ride to see what we could see. We didn't really have a destination we just wanted to see some of the area. We stopped a few times for me to take picture.

We saw these flowers. I have no clue what they are but the were really pretty.
We drove past multiple magnolia trees. I'd never seen a real live magnolia tree so we had to stop so I could get a picture. They were gorgeous and smelled so good.

We also drove past a Piggly Wiggly. I've only ever read about them so I made Mom stop so I could get a picture. Yes, I know I'm a dork.

Because of the fact that the water table is so high in Louisiana their cemeteries are all above ground. We stopped at one of the cemeteries in Cecelia. It was really cool. I know some people probably think that a cemetery is a creepy place to sight wee but growing up with a family that loves genealogy has given me an appreciation of the history that exists in cemeteries.

As we were driving past the high school I noticed this guy out doing yard work. His striped jumpsuit made him hard to miss. I had never seen a convict in a striped jumpsuit, which is so stereotypical, so I had to take a picture.

After we had driven around for a while we decided to stop for lunch. We went to Landry's Seafood. Since we were in Louisiana I had to try the red beans and rice. It was divine!!! Mom had some kind of fish- it was yummy too.

We also split an order of bread pudding. YUM!!!

After lunch we went to Maurine's to hang out for a while. I'm not sure what Kyle is doing in this picture but it makes me smile. He's such a goof!! Love him!! 
Maybe he was drooling over his cookie cake-

Finally it was time for graduation. 

Kyle standing in recognition of his full ride academic scholarship. I'm SO proud of him!!!

Getting his diploma- Woo-hoo!!!!

After graduation pictures-
Kyle and Maurine 

Kyle and Leif

The Olsen boys

 Kyle with Grandma and Grandpa

 Laura and Kyle

After graduation we all went to Crawfish Town USA to celebrate. 

Laura and I had never had crawfish before so this was an adventure for us. We were educated on how to eat it by Kyle and Millie.

It was quite an experience. I liked it but thought it was really messy and a lot of work for not a lot of food. I think in the future I'll order something that has crawfish in it but that I don't have to actually get it out myself. 
 (Here's a tip- don't eat it like Millie does. She eats all of it instead of just eating the tail. YUCK!)

After dinner we went to back to the motel. The next morning we met for breakfast and then headed to the airport. It was a really quick trip but totally worth it. It was wonderful to be there to support Kyle as he graduated. I'm really looking forward to going back for a longer amount of time and do some real sight seeing. I think I'll go back next winter when it's freezing cold here and I need a break.

Here is one last picture from  the trip. This is what happens when I spend any time in a humid environment- FRIZZ!!!

Thursday, May 24

Mark and Dan's Birthday

I'm not sure how it happened but Mark and Dan turned 11 earlier this month. (Seriously, how is that possible?!?!) We got together to celebrate with dinner, cake and presents. 

 Zeke was helping Dan open his gift. And by helping I mean being a tease-
The package Zeke was helping to open was full of books about different US presidents. Dan was in heaven!! 

Mark got something cool too, I just can't remember what it was. I think it had something to do with his bike. (I'm a terrible aunt!)

While the grown-ups were visiting and the boys were outside playing the girls were upstairs giving each other makeovers. I snuck upstairs to get a picture-

I'm not sure how the face painting came about but Aunt Lyn got in on it as well. Aren't they gorgeous?!?!

Will got a mustache and goatee. I really think it's a good look for him.
I'll leave you with a wink from Howie. How can you not smile when you see this kid? 

Sunday, May 20

A Quick Update

Once again it is time for another oh-so-exciting installment of Life According to Amy's phone/facebook/twitter- 

My allergies have been horrible this year. I've pretty much become a hermit because by the end of the day I feel like I've got a horrific cold- sore throat, itchy eyes and ears, and a headache. Because of this I cancelled a dinner trip to Logan to see Tracy and Piper. Piper, who is 6, decided I needed a get well card. How could I not feel better after receiving this?!?! This totally made my day- 

Socks and I spent some quality time watching my newest obsession, Castle. (I watched, he slept)
(I blogged about my new love here.) 

This sign amused me greatly. Obviously the liquor laws in Utah county have changed and this gas station is excited about it. (only in Utah!)

My fabulous friend Rae graduated from UVU. I am so happy for her!! (and extremely envious!)

I've seen The Avengers twice. It's EPIC!!! I need to see it at least one more time before it's no longer in theaters. (Read my review here)

I may have decorated my non-cat loving boss's office with cute and snuggly kitten pictures for his birthday.

I went to Panguitch for Mother's Day. Dad was in Logan visiting Grandma so Mom and I had a really quiet weekend. We had some of Henrie's amazing onion rings.
And we did a little shopping. Do you like my new bag? It's so me!
(I didn't really buy this bag- it's hideous!! I'm offended if any of you actually thought I was serious. We actually just went to Ruby's Inn for dinner and found this in the gift shop while we were waiting for our seats)

Summer semester started. I'm trying to conquer Math 1010 this summer. It's the only class I'm taking so hopefully I will make it through. This is how much sense math makes to me. 

This is just because every day is a better with a some James McAvoy in it. Enjoy! 

I'll be back with a post about Mark and Dan's birthday party and my trip to Louisiana soon!