Tuesday, June 26

So, what have you been up to?

There's nothing much going on here. Here are a few pictures from my phone showing how much I'm not up to- 

This is a shot of Katie and Erin roasting marshmallows for our s'mores

We went to lunch for Manja and Tim's birthday. You gotta love those horrible hats that they put on your head while singing. I always shudder to think who's nasty head those have been on. 

My friend Brooke got married. She and her hubby had a Super Mario Brothers wedding cake. It was so Brooke- I loved it!!

I think I have a stalker... 

Mom was in Logan for a while so I went up for dinner. Mom, Tracy, Kathleen, Piper, Ellie, Rylee and I split this yummy dessert.

The Parlotones were back in town. We had a fabulous time at the concert!

Random picture of Ashlyn at a baby shower for one of the women in the Primary presidency.

Mom and I were in Salt Lake and I discovered she had never been to The Cheesecake Factory. We rectified that horrible oversight very quickly. I, of course, had to have the red velvet.

I found a new place to get a pedicure. They do a fabulous job but their decorating skills need some help. I was so appalled by the pink flowery and checkered wall paper I had to take a picture to document it.

A couple of my co-workers and I ate lunch outside today. The grounds of the hospital are so gorgeous. Most of the time we eat inside at our desks but we really need to take greater advantage of the view we have.

What? You're still here?!? I'm shocked! The dullness of this post almost put me to sleep- I'm impressed you're still awake. Well, that's it for now. I'll try to have more adventures so my next post will be more exciting.

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Lynners said...

Whatever! Your life is quite a bit more exciting than mine! I rather enjoyed your post!