Monday, July 30


Every year Weber State University have a firework show the weekend before Pioneer Day. We always go to a park somewhat near the school where we can run and play and watch the fireworks. This year was especially nice because it was in the low 80's so it was a beautiful night.

For some reason most of my pictures are blurry. Here are the few that actually turned out.

Sunday, July 15

Girl's Night Out!

Last week my friends Christy and Kim and I went to dinner at one of our favorite places, Gourmandise Bakery. We eat there so often that I don't take pictures of my food anymore but I did take a picture of my fabulous creme brulee. It was divine! 

After dinner we went to see The Avenger's again. (Don't judge- it's an amazing movie and completely worth multiple viewings.) Kimmy got up close and personal with The Bourne Legacy poster, which we are planning on seeing opening weekend. Poor Jeremy!

Friday, July 13

Happy Birthday Colton!

Yesterday was Colton's 17th birthday. We got together at Bonnie & Ken's house for cake and ice cream. 

The Birthday Song was sung very creatively by all the cousins- they were all on a different key and at a different pace. As you can see in this picture Colton lost it about half way through. 

Colton showing me his smoulder. This is a look he perfected at about age one. He's always been a charmer.

I was sitting next to Colton so I couldn't get any pcitures of him opening his presents. I tried to get my camera at a different angle so I could get a good shot but all I really managed to do was catch Colton shooting me a "what on earth are you doing?" look.
I gave up on trying to get a good shot and just took a close-up.
Hugs for Grandma. What a sweet kid!!
I'm still trying to figure out how he got to be 17 when I haven't aged that much!

Thursday, July 12

Birthday Girls!

Last Sunday we got together to celebrate Bonnie and Erin's birthdays. 

I don't remember what is going on at this moment but I love the look on Bonnie's face.
This was when Bonnie saw the multi-generational photo collage. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the gift. 

 Amanda was having a hard time getting the matches to light so Ben did it with his teeth.
Random cute picture of Ben and Lyn

Tuesday, July 10

Happy Independence Day!!

I'm not sure how this happened but I was a failure at taking pictures on the 4th of July. I only have two pictures to show what I did for the holiday. 

The first picture is from breakfast. Mom and I went to Logan and met Kathleen, Erica, Tyler and Tracy at Angie's. I didn't take a picture of our group or of my food like I usually do. I took a picture of the amazing mullet that was sitting by us. I couldn't resist, it was that epic. There had to be photographic evidence of this awesomeness. 

My other picture of the day isn't nearly as entertaining but was extremely yummy. We had a bar-b-que at our house like we usually do and I was assigned to make a dessert. I made a patriotic berry trifle. It was delicious!

Not a very exciting day, picture wise, but it was a great day. It was fun to spend the day with family and celebrate our country.