Friday, July 13

Happy Birthday Colton!

Yesterday was Colton's 17th birthday. We got together at Bonnie & Ken's house for cake and ice cream. 

The Birthday Song was sung very creatively by all the cousins- they were all on a different key and at a different pace. As you can see in this picture Colton lost it about half way through. 

Colton showing me his smoulder. This is a look he perfected at about age one. He's always been a charmer.

I was sitting next to Colton so I couldn't get any pcitures of him opening his presents. I tried to get my camera at a different angle so I could get a good shot but all I really managed to do was catch Colton shooting me a "what on earth are you doing?" look.
I gave up on trying to get a good shot and just took a close-up.
Hugs for Grandma. What a sweet kid!!
I'm still trying to figure out how he got to be 17 when I haven't aged that much!

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