Thursday, September 27

Another one of those random posts

I am so behind on this blog. I have another family reunion, a wedding and several family gatherings to post but tonight you get a whole bunch of random phone pictures. These span the last couple of months. 

We had a bunch of thunderstorms. Socks did not like them. He curled up under my duvet to hide. 

My friend Meg and I went to see The Amazing Spiderman. We both put our feet on the seats in front of us and we were highly amused by the difference. My foot was barely touching the seat!

Ashlyn and I hanging out on the 24th of July. Everybody loves a brown eyed girl!

I was stopped on the freeway due to construction. At least the view was pretty.

My car decided to be difficult. Out damn light, out!!

School started again. This sign is on the library drop box. For some reason I found it very amusing. I'm a weirdo.

We came to the conclusion that my car was beyond repair. Mom and Dad decided to get a new car so I have their old car. I don't miss my piece-o-crap car but I do miss the sunroof. I took this picture the last day I drove it.

I went to Mom and Dad's house to pick up the car.  While we were there we discovered the most amazing Hawaiian restaurant. It was divine!! The pictures don't do it justice at all.

Mom's new car

While I was in Panguitch we bottled peaches. Of course, I had to have some peaches and cream.
The literal fruit of our labor
We also made some spicy peach bbq sauce. It was so yummy!!
 Blue skies for the drive home!

I honestly can't remember why I have this picture but it's funny. Colton is crazy.

Cadbury is making a Halloween version of their cream eggs. This makes me very happy.

The Fall leaves are breathtaking!!

I think that catches you up on the random. I'll be back with those other posts soon. 

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Lynners said...

Hehe. You and your short legs. ;)

I'm excited about the Halloween Cadbury eggs! Yum! Thanks for getting the word out!