Monday, October 29


Today would have been her 95th birthday. She was an amazing woman. I can't believe she's been gone as long as she has. Even though she's been gone over 20 years her influence is around us every day. We were so lucky to have her. 

Sunday, October 28

Ashlyn's Baptism

Ashlyn's baptism was a few weeks ago. I was up on campus taking a math test so I didn't get there in time to snag a picture of Zeke and Ashlyn posing together (another reason to hate math). I did sneak a couple during the program. 

I didn't take many pictures during the gathering afterward. I'm not sure why. I'm going to continue to blame math. I did manage to get a few pics of the silliness outside.

These three make me smile. They are crazy!!

Howie's outfit delights me. Marvin the Martian shirt, church pants and Crocs- he is adorable!!

Ben was spinning Ashlyn and Rachel. It made me nauseous just watching.

I'm not sure why I took this picture, I think maybe because Will was eating a bread-like product. I guess cupcakes don't qualify as bread ;)

I think he was wiping frosting off his face, that's what t-shirts are for, right?

After the spinning Rachel and Ashlyn moved on to the scooter/bike things (I don't know what they are called).
All in all it was a fabulous afternoon, even if I did fail at documenting most of it.

Sunday, October 14

Maggie's Violin Recital

In September Maggie had her first violin recital. She did a great job!!
She played several songs and then finished off with a duet with Lyn, who is also her teacher.

This is blurry but I still love it.

Lyn and Maggie after the recital

Congratulations from one of her Grandmas.

After the recital we had treats. Maggie made these bubblegum cupcakes. I didn't dare try them but I thought they looked pretty. 

This is a random picture of Howie because his outfit amused me so much. He picked it out himself.

Saturday, October 13

Aunt Kathy's Retirement Party

Aunt Kathy retired in August. We had a luau at Amanda's to celebrate. 
I wish I could remember what was going on in this picture and what is on Kathy's head. I know the girls were doing some kind of presentation but that's as far as the memory goes. 

Here are a few random pictures from the evening. 

This is my favorite picture of the night-

Sunday, October 7

David and Erika's Wedding

On August 25th David and Erika got married. 

The wedding took place at a gorgeous venue in Paradise, Utah. I can't remember the name of the actual venue but it certainly lived up to the name of the town it was located in. The venue was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the company was great- it was a fabulous night!! Of course, I took a bunch of random pictures- 

 I also took pictures of our food (shocker!) The meal was divine!!

I'm usually a bit cynical at weddings (I'm sure you're surprised by that information!) but this wedding was absolutely wonderful.