Wednesday, October 3

The 2012 Howard Reunion

The third weekend in August was our annual family reunion at Red Canyon. As usual, we had a fabulous time. The adults sat around chatting and eating while the kids played. 

We always have a pinata for the kids. The kids lined up eagerly for their turn to try to take a whack at it.
 It started to rain so we packed up and headed home.

These are a bunch of random phone pictures from the weekend-

Shori spent a lot of time playing restaurant so Justin made a menu for her. It was so cute!

Shori having an "I'll do it myself" moment-
Bath time!
Piper was cleaning her very large rock collection and fell through the cracks of the chair she was on.

 Howie driving his car
The hummingbird feeder at my parents is a very popular place. I love sitting and watching them. 
Piper had a very loose tooth. After a lot of discussion she finally agreed to let it be pulled. It was quite a dramatic event.

This is Howie's version of thumbs up.
 Will and Grandma had some quality reading time. You can't go wrong with Horton!

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