Sunday, November 18

A Whole Bunch of Random

Here we go again...

It was Fall. The leaves were gorgeous. I had to crunch through them. 

I've been doing a lot of math homework. Socks tried to help.

We went to dinner. Emily enjoyed her bread stick.

I went to Maggie Stiefvater's book signing. I blogged about the event here.

I have a stalker.

We've had some gorgeous sunsets.

I discovered a very yummy snack.

I went to David Levithan's book signing. It was a-mazing! I still need to blog about it on my fangirl blog. I'm such a slacker! *shakes fist at school*

Socks thinks is the toddler bed is his. What a weirdo.

We had a little snow storm. It was gorgeous! It's all melted except for the very top of the mountains.

I went to Thriller. It was so good!!!

Blue October was in town. It was a fabulous concert!! I blogged about it here.

I'm not sure if you knew or not but there was an election ;) I voted.

I had a cold. I'm a wimp when I'm sick so I spent two days on the couch sleeping. I had snugly company.

I went to Ally Condie's book signing. I was a wonderful evening. I need to blog about that one too.

My lovelies and I went to dinner. We are trouble when we're together- it was a wonderful evening!! 

As a reward for passing a math quiz I went to see Pitch Perfect. It was Acca-Awesome!! 

I really struggled to not comment on any of the hundreds of political posts on Facebook. As a reward for keeping my mouth shut I bought myself some new shoes. Aren't they fabulous?!?

And that's all folks!!

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