Saturday, December 29


The last couple of weeks via my phone:

We had to go to Salt Lake for a meeting at the corporate offices. The one advantage of this is that the Cheesecake Factory is nearby. The peppermint bark cheesecake was divine! 

Target had creepy snow globes.

I am a huge geek. I had to have this Death Star tea infuser. I love it.

My apartment is really cold in the winter. I have the space heater on quite a bit. Socks likes to lie on the arm of the couch right in front of it so he's warm.

I wanted to see Wreck-It Ralph so I kidnapped Erin so I would have an excuse to go see it. The movie was adorable and the company was fabulous.

Snuggles from Ashlyn!

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Lynners said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing!