Saturday, December 29

Thanksgiving Weekend

I went to Panguitch for Thanksgiving. It was a quiet weekend with just me, Mom and Dad. I spent hours and hours doing math homework. Because it was just the three of us I didn't take many pictures. I did take a few on my phone. 

Mom had cinnamon rolls waiting for me when I got there. She spoils me! 

We went to Clark and Flora's for Thanksgiving dinner. We took quite a few side dishes with us. For some reason I only took a picture of the Sunday School potatoes. I guess because they looked so yummy. Mmmmm!

When I to work on my homework I discovered that Dad had put a few accessories in my bag. He said that if I was going to carry a military bag I should use it properly. I told him I didn't think I should be armed when I was working on math.

My parents neighbors are a little excessive with their Christmas decorations. This is just half of their yard. Yes, those are wooden dalmatians. I think they are working on getting 101 of them. 

The sunset behind the house was gorgeous!
That was my weekend. It wasn't all that exciting but it was great to be at Mom & Dad's and to have undivided time to work on math.

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